Hi everyone,

My last note about Old Boys in the Arts elicited more responses than most of my emails and many people provided me with information about Old Boys that I was not aware of which was fantastic. Here then is news about some more of your talented peers ......

Len Lambert -(1950’s)- is a Tauranga based artist & poet. He has been published in a number of art journals and has also had published 3 collections of his poetry

The Turner brothers Stephen & Michael (Old Boys of the late 80s & 90s) are half of the very successful contemporary Christian rock group Redrain. The group was formed in 2004 & perform around 100 concerts a year in Asia, Europe & the USA. Their 4th album “Life in Real Time” has just been released.

John Pickworth (early 60s ??) has had a long career in the music industry. He left Tauranga for Auckland in the 60s & there worked with many of the top performers of the time including Tommy Adderley, Lou Pryme, Chic Littlewood, Howard Morrison, Kiri Te Kanawa & Sandy Edmonds. He shifted across the Tasman in the 70s & worked in pubs & clubs often with his own John Pickworth Orchestra. He was back in NZ in 2007 on Kamahl’s tour.

Guy Wishart (mid 70’s) is currently teaching Science in Bangalore, India but back in 1990 won the APRA Silver Scroll award and the following year won most promising vocalist in the NZ Music awards.

Steve Stafford (1966-70) has edited a number of magazines including METRO and written 3 books. He has more recently been a judge for the Montana Book Awards.

Brent Taylor was recently interviewed about his second book  ....  http://www.brentdtaylor.com/creative_edge/media.html
so you can check out something of what he has been doing on this site.

Still on books, Denis Wright who was on staff in the 1980’s & is now teaching in Welligton, has just had his first teen fiction novel published. He is working on others to back up his “ Violence 101 “

Daniel Bernstone who was in Grease in 1990 has been involved with radio announcing for about 15 years or so is currently in Wellington I think while Brendon Weatherley (late 1990s) is with Lakeland FM in Taupo hosting their Classic Hits Breakfast Show.

Paul Higgins (early 60’s) has been a professional drummer and producer since leaving school and was on stage with Tom Sharplin at the 50th Jubilee in November last year. Another Old Boy Ian Gilpin (1980’s) has been the drummer for several bands locally since before he even left school !!!

That’s it for now but if there is ever anything newsworthy please pass on details to me for circulation.

All the best for now,

Rob Leslie

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