• “He waka eke noa”
    “He waka eke noa” No Boy Left Behind

President's Report

Tauranga Boys' College Old Boys' Association AGM

26th August 2019


I want to extend a welcome to all members, friends of the association, committee members, life members and our patron, Bill Holland.


Some brief acknowledgements:

  • Robert Mangan: for the outstanding job you are doing as principal and commitment you show to developing the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Rob Leslie: you are the public ambassador of the Old Boys' brand both through the newsletter and the events you organise both nationally and internationally.
  • Committee members: thank you for your ongoing support and availability to the association to allow us to support the school and to deliver on our purpose.


It is now 12-months since I took on the role of President of the Old Boys' Association. I spent some time reflecting on what has occurred over the last year as well as what possibilities are in front of us and came up with the following:


The last 12-months

  1. We have a clear vision and purpose
  2. Our Vision: He Waka eke noa / No boy left behind
  3. Our Purpose: Working together to realise potential and create opportunities for students and alumni of Tauranga Boys' College
  4. Our vision and purpose provide clarity to members of the committee when making decisions on requests for assistance
  5. The association now directly and indirectly (through the Tauranga Boys' College


Charitable Trust) manages around $300,000**

  1. Whilst the 60th Anniversary didn't achieve the numbers we wanted it was a great event and highlighted the possibilities (and options) for future OBA events
  2. The association distributed over $25,000. The larger components include:
  3. $10,500 - technology support (Chromebooks for Library)
  4. $7,000 - for school leavers function c.   $5,000 - student support
  5. $2,500 - Old boys' support
  6. $1,500 - Garth Sim scholarship
  7. Moving the Old Boys' Dinner to occur in 2020 (removing the event in 2019). The decision was due to the low numbers at the 60th Jubilee, possible member "event fatigue" and the desire to engage more with the member base before committing to another event

** Combination of funds from the Minola Grant and other sources. Looking forward


We have an opportunity to raise the profile of the OBA both within and outside TBC - many students and staff are not aware of the association and how to engage with the committee.


The pillars I would like to see the OBA build over the coming 12-months include:


  1. Visibility - engaging the student body (and public) to tell our stories
    1. Communicating to students and parents who provide donations to the OBA
    2. Support of the Hillsdene Herald website and associated online costs
    3. Content creation (video) to demonstrate***
      1. Scholarships available for students - Minola grant and Garth Sim
      2. Success stories - either general (eg $5,000 given to students as a result of hardship) or specific by case studies
    4. Engaging with students who are passionate and skilled in areas where the association requires support
      1. Student representation on the OBA committee
      2. Content creation - video and article writing
      3. Content management - website and social content
      4. Generation administration - Old Boys' database management

*** Included with this report is an email from a Year 11 student, Louis Nixon. He can assist with the creation of video content to showcase some key parts of the association.


  1. Giving back to students
    1. Education through "Drop-in sessions" - Building awareness within the OBA to educate school-leavers of the opportunities within the workforce. EG a 30- minute Q+A session with 10-20 students usually organised by Win Jones
    2. Introduction facilitation through the OBA network
    3. Workplace mentoring or a "ride-along" - eg spend a day with a dentist if a student is interested in that career path
    4. Building awareness around internship opportunities - local, national and international


  1. Membership and giving opportunities - the student body is donating approximately $20,000 per annum, which is the majority of the Association's income
    1. Regular - eg $10 per quarter
    2. Adhoc - gifts from members or donations for a specific purpose - eg cricket pavilion
    3. Formal - large donations or gifts that may form part of an estate


If we can create these pillars, they will become the foundation for the Association to raise its profile, communicate to members, seek feedback and create opportunities and events that are well-supported by the OBA community.

From this we can maintain the Association’s ability to give and grow that over time.

Thank you.


David Altena

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+64 21 801757

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